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Based on her experience working with hundreds of clients since 1983, Chandler divorce lawyer Janice Palmer knows as well as anyone that the dissolution of a marriage is tough on everyone involved. Her job as an adviser and advocate in divorce cases is not necessarily to make divorce easier, although she will do so when she can. Instead, it's to help you get through the transition that divorce represents on the best possible terms for yourself, your children and your financial security.

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Divorce and family problems in general present certain challenges that are built into the law and reflect the reality of a crisis in a person's most intimate relationships. Because Arizona law recognizes that simple rules will not cover all cases, most of the legal guidance you'll get from the statutes tells you more about the factors that will guide a judge's decision than it will about exactly what to do. In other words, you need to define your own objectives, your own priorities, and the most effective steps you'll need to take to achieve your goals.

Another challenge reflects the reality that most people will experience emotional turmoil at least at some point during a divorce case. A big part of a divorce attorney's job is to prevent the emotional dynamics of a situation from interfering with effective decision-making. At our law firm, we help people figure out what a good outcome will look like under the circumstances of their case, and then develop a strategy to achieve that result as quickly and efficiently as possible. Anger, resentment or depression will more often than not get in the way of making sound decisions and the final resolution of the matter.

At the Law Offices of Janice M. Chandler, P.C., you'll be working with a divorce attorney who knows how to help a client stay focused on the practical demands of the case while finding whatever resources that might be necessary for dealing with the personal and emotional problems that stand as obstacles along the way. An experienced and versatile family law practitioner, Janice Palmer is equally at home in settlement negotiations, mediation sessions, trial practice and appeals. She can help you find the right approach to a divorce, property division or child custody problem which will meet the immediate demands of your situation while protecting your long-term interests.

Based in Chandler, our law firm serves the needs of divorce and family law clients throughout Greater Phoenix and Maricopa County, but we're especially convenient for people in such East Valley communities as Tempe, Mesa and Gilbert. We also work with clients in northern Arizona, especially Yavapai and Coconino counties. For more information about the nature of our practice and our approach to client service, contact a knowledgeable Chandler family law attorney at the Law Offices of Janice M. Palmer.